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Choosing the Right Pillow Makes a Difference – Find Out Why!

A good night’s sleep plays a key role in your functionality and the efficiency of it, the following day. Your body and mind, both largely rely on the rest it receives, to perform at its best when it is completely awake during the day. A pleasant environment, a good mattress, and the right kind of pillow act as major contributors to a good night sleep.

While there are several options of pillows out there, it is extremely crucial to understand what suits you the best. An unsuitable pillow can easily disrupt your sleep just as much as a disturbed mindset or a bad mattress can. Thus, it is important to understand the differences between various types of pillows to make an informed decision while purchasing one. Your preferred sleeping position is an important criteria to be considered while selecting an ideal pillow.

A softer choice for stomach sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, you do not need a pillow that props your head up way too high. It can lead to an unaligned spine resulting in unbearable back pain or even a terrible stiff neck the next day. A relatively flatter and softer pillow would be perfect for you, if you prefer to rest on your tummy. Pillows with micro-fibre filling that provides the right amount of squishiness would be ideal for stomach sleepers.

Firmness is key for side sleepers

Side sleepers will often find their shoulders doing the most work while sleeping. This is because the gap between your head and your shoulder demands ample support for your neck. Ensuring that you use a pillow that is firm and plump enough to provide that support is crucial. Memory and PU foam pillows can help reduce the pressure that your shoulders would have do tackle otherwise. The weight of it can help in supplying constant support to your neck and back while ensuring your spine remains well aligned for a comfortable sleep.

Balanced pillow for Back sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, the ideal pillow for you would be one that contours itself, according to your body’s posture and shape. Your head needs to rest in a position that is neither too high nor too low in comparison to your back, which is well taken care by a contour pillow made with memory foam or natural latex. If this alignment is not paid enough attention to, it can lead to excessive strain on your neck. Thus, it is essential to find a pillow that is neither too plush nor too flat, given that you sleep on your back.

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