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3 different ways of using our versatile Gripsters

It is extremely crucial to consistently maintain good posture, which, if not done right, can lead to several potential health issues. In order to do so, we need to have access to a supportive and comfortable physical environment, such as seating and other decors. Our ergonomically made Gripsters make for one such piece and are known to be very sturdy and useful for such needs.

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They come with anti-skid nodules which help them be super steady, thus reducing the possibility of displacement while in use. Additionally, it helps them serve their purpose even better, of providing your body with ample support. Today, we will dive into the various ways that you can avail optimum benefits from our Gripster and ensure a great user experience.

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1. WFH essential

Working from home needs to be just as comfortable as working from an actual office. Even if you do not have access to a full-fledged home-office setup, you can always enjoy a very comfortable time working at home. And our gripsters are the perfect pick for the purpose. They will be there to supply your back with the much-needed spine support throughout the day as you go hard at work.

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2. Divan handles

Our Divan makes for a very classy compact seating decor piece that can adorn all types of spaces. And our Gripsters placed on each side of the divan will only elevate the good looks of the latter and your room, effortlessly. Use them as handles to rest your hand, head, or feet on, at all times as you relax with your loved ones at home. Their presence guarantees absolute comfort and unparalleled elegance, with three beautiful color variants available – black, grey, and dark blue.

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3. Footrest

If you constantly find yourself wanting to not have your legs hanging while you sit at home, our gripster might be your best bet. Whether you are watching a film, reading a book, studying, or even working, resting your feet on something stable can help with your posture too. Use our gripster as a supportive footrest and go through your day with ease. A great comfort solution, it can reduce unwanted strain on several body parts and improve your day drastically.

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