5 Reasons to invest in a mattress protector

After buying a luxurious mattress, people are always concerned about its cleanliness and hygiene. A good quality mattress may last upto 7-10 years, but over the course of time, its lifespan may get affected or decreased due to incidents where the mattress gets wet or dirty. The moisture and dirt may also result in bacterial or fungal infection. In such situations, mattress protector becomes of great use.

A mattress protector is basically a durable and resistant knitted sheet that goes above the mattress to prevent matters against spills, stains, bacteria, and allergies-causing material. A mattress protector is an essential mattress accessory that will act as a shield against microbes, moisture, etc for your mattress, thus expanding its lifespan.

Peps Dream Decor offers two variants of mattress protectors viz, quilted mattress protectors and waterproof mattress protectors. You can buy mattress protector online from our website.

Mattress protector’s use is critical and is beneficial for your mattress in various ways. Here are some reasons you must invest in a mattress protector

1. Keeps your mattress spot and stain-free

The most common reason to buy a mattress protector is that it keeps your mattress clean and fresh. Your mattress could get ruined due to a spill of tea, coffee, or any liquid, if you are among those who sweat profusely while sleeping, the sweat along with the dead cells are been soaked by your mattress which will result in early deterioration of the mattress.

2. Protection from dust, Mould/Mildew

Irrespective of how clean you keep your home, dust will anyhow accumulate on your mattress. To prevent your mattress from getting exposed to dust, use a waterproof mattress protector. It simply glides over your mattress and acts as a barrier against bed bugs and dust mites. You can buy Peps mattress protector online which can be easily washed at home. A waterproof mattress protector will also prevent the growth of moulds and mildews.

3. Easy to clean

When you purchase a mattress protector online from Peps, you can easily wash it in your washing machine. The dirt, dust, and allergies accumulated on the waterproof mattress

protector can be easily removed by washing. This eliminates the task of vacuuming and beating your mattress from time to time to remove dust and other microbes.

4. Better hygiene

We maintain the hygiene of bedsheets by frequently washing them, but what about the mattresses? We can’t wash them. Here, a mattress protector is of great advantage. You can conveniently place your stained mattress protector in the washing machine and get rid of the stains and dirt. A mattress protector prevents your mattress from dirt and dust mites, bed bugs, dead skin cells, airborne pollutants, sweat, fleas, etc.

5. Keeps your mattress new

Mattress protector aids in maintaining the mattress quality even after being used for years. To make your mattress run longer, cover it up with a mattress protector. Invest in Peps Dream Decor’s high-quality waterproof mattress protector, and stop worrying about spills and stains. Buy mattress protector online made with a breathable and hypoallergenic layer and also provide extra bedding.

Mattress protector uses are many and it is an essential bedding accessory.

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