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Understanding The Difference Between Flat and Fitted Sheets

 A good foundation of bedding is bound to create a wonderful resting and sleeping experience for anybody. To enjoy such comfort, it is important to be familiar with the different layers of bedding that you can add on, simply according to your personal needs. While we are well aware of bed sheets being a significant part of any bedding, we are now going to dive deeper and understand the two different types of them – flat sheets and fitted sheets. 

Fit & Shape 

While both these types of sheets, flat and fitted, are used to encompass a bed, they are noticeably different from each other, in their shape and appearance. Flat bed sheets are rectangular and fall flat on the surface of your bed. Their edges usually remain free on the sides of a bed, unless manually tucked under the mattress. 

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On the other hand, fitted bed sheets can never be laid flat on any surface. This is due to the elastic band that they come with, which can turn the folding process tricky. The elastic, once pulled around the mattress from all the corners, essentially serves the purpose of properly engulfing it in, for a smoother base to lay on. 

Top & Bottom Sheets 

Fitted sheets are also known as bottom sheets, which denotes their placement amid the different layers of bedding. These are usually placed over a mattress with the elastic corners ensuring a snug and stable fit. There’s less to no displacement of the sheet during usage thus leaving you with a smooth surface. On the other hand, flat bed sheets are often called top sheets as they are placed above other bedding accessories. 

Purchase & Usage 

You need to keep in mind the exact dimensions of your mattress and bed while buying a fitted bed sheet as it needs to fit it super snugly. However, on the other hand, while buying a flat bed sheet you need not worry as much about the dimensions fluctuating on the higher side. 

A slightly larger flat sheet will not be the biggest trouble as it can be manually tucked away underneath the mattress. While many consider fitted sheets as a mandatory part of their bedding and may choose to top it off with a flat bed sheet as per need, several others simply use the latter as a staple. 

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Other key differences 

There is less to no manual work required to maintain the positioning of a fitted sheet. However, flat sheets need a lot of repositioning and adjustment from time to time, to keep them in place. 

On the other hand, it is easier to fold and store away flat sheets due to their shape, while it can be a trickier job to execute for fitted sheets. Their shape, due to the added elasticated sections, makes it harder to give it a proper fold. 

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