Tips for choosing the best bedsheet

Your bedroom is an oasis of peace and relaxation so while choosing bedlinens you have to be extra cautious. Your mattress, bedsheet, blanket, and pillow all work together to create a soothing, restful, and cozy environment. Invest in a bedsheet that is comfortable and stands the test of time. A blissful night’s sleep requires the right bedding and linens. A bedsheet will visually complement the aesthetics of your bedroom decor, sinking in a comfortable bedsheet will create a haven of comfort. At Peps Dream Decor we have a bedsheet for all bedroom styles and bed sizes. We have a wide collection of 100% cotton bedsheets in multiple colors and patterns to add a dash of panache to your bedroom. Our collection includes king size bedsheets, queen size bedsheets that come with 2 pillow covers,

Before searching for a bedsheet for your room, make yourself clear on the following points:

●  Personal style preferences

●  Daily lifestyle choices

●  Sizing details

When you buy bedsheet online, you must consider the following key factors:

1. Material

Everyone has a unique preference for the type of material for their bedsheet. Apart from the most popular choices of cotton and linen, several other material options are available with distinct qualities.
Cotton- The most popular material for all bedding items including mattresses. Cotton is known to be a soft and breathable fabric that keeps you warm during winters and cool in summers.

Linen- Linen is a natural fabric derived from the flax plant and works well in Indian climatic conditions. With a subtle texture, and soft, fuzzier finish, the linen fabric is thicker than cotton.

Silk- People love this fabric for its low-static cling and smooth surface. Silk is the most luxurious option for bedsheets made with high-quality natural fibre.

Synthetic Fibre- Made with microfibres from polyester, viscose, rayon, and other similar material. Bedsheets made from such fabric are warmer and affordable but might not be good for your skin.

2. Thread count

Thread count determines the quality of the fabric. But thread count is always not the criteria for defining the quality of the mattress. As the thread count can be increased by manufacturing techniques. To resolve this confusion, always look for threads made with long-staple fibres, and thin single-ply threads. Cotton bedsheets always have a higher thread count, unlike linen which has a thread count on the lower side, as it is made with flax fibre, which is thicker. Peps Dream Decor offers bedsheets with thread count ranging from 144-300.

3. Weave pattern

Weave of the bedsheet adds comfort, look, and softness. Percale and sateen are the most commonly used forms of weave, percale is a matte weave with a fresh cool feel, while sateen is a bit heavier with a gleaming smooth finish.

4. Ensure the right fit

While buying a bedsheet ensure that you are opting for the right size and fit. If you won’t give proper attention to the size and fit, you might end up purchasing something too large or too small. The dimensions of king size bedsheets are 78”X72”, queen size bedsheets are 78”X60”, double bedsheets 110”X120”, and single bedsheets 70”X108”. So, select the bedsheet as per the size of your mattress.

5. Wash care & return policy

Do check the return policy, if the brand allows you to make a return for any purpose. If you are buying a mattress online, it is a good decision to purchase from a brand that allows you to make returns. Irrespective of the type of bedsheet you purchase, it is essential that you take proper care of the bedsheet to make them last longer. Avoid washing bedsheets with hot water and drying them under direct sunlight.

You can confidently buy a mattress online by considering the above-mentioned points. Peps Dream Decor is your one-stop place where you can find a huge collection of bedsheets that combines quality and a comfortable feel to compliments your sleep preferences.

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