Choosing The Best Pillow, Everything You Need To Know

Pillow is amongst the significant factors that play a major role in a good night’s sleep. Your mattress is the most important factor for a comfortable sleep, likewise, a pillow is also essential, if your pillow is not good you will spend the whole night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

Finding the right pillow is critical as along with promoting better sleep quality, it will help improve your posture and spine alignment. While choosing the pillow, take into consideration your sleeping position. People with different sleeping positions need different pillows. At Peps Dream Decor, we offer the widest range of pillows catering to varied sleeping needs. Our pillows offer perfect support to your neck and spine thus ensuring you a rejuvenating sleep experience. Catering to all kinds of sleepers including back, side, and front sleepers.

Pillow for back sleeper
When picking a pillow, ensure that the pillow promotes the perfect alignment of your neck and spine while sleeping. The pillow should support the head and neck. Back sleepers should choose a pillow that is neither too full nor too flat, it should be medium-firm. Neckguard-Tufted Pillow and Contour Memory Foam Pillow are designed best to support back sleepers. It is made of memory foam and fine jersey knitted for maximum support to the neck and spine.

Pillow for side sleeper
For side sleepers, the pillow must support the head in a neutral position and keep it aligned with your spine. Because when sleeping on sides, most pressure is put on the spine, and for this, a fuller and firm pillow is needed to give the required support to the neck. Our Tender Plush and Jumbo Plush pillows are ideal for side sleepers. These luxurious plush pillows are made with 300 TC shell fabric and microfiber filling to provide the needed support to the neck.

Pillow for front/stomach sleeper
Finding a perfect pillow for stomach sleepers can be a little tricky. This is a prone sleeping position as the sleeper puts maximum stress on the lower back. Such sleepers need a soft and flat pillow. Stargaze pillow with low loft and soft support ensures that the head is not too propped. It allows your neck to stay in line with your spine and likewise keeps the spine neutral and prevents back pain.

It’s Time To Replace Your Pillow
Your pillow doesn’t last as long as your mattress. Over the time of usage, the pillow collects
dead skin and sweat and therefore needs to be replaced when felt lumpy, smelly, or flat. Pillow
is an important element that affects your sleep quality, so pay utmost attention while choosing
the pillow.

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