Styling a bed with pillows

Some common questions people often ask about bedding are how to arrange pillows and what should be the size of the pillow. These days decorative pillow arrangement has become a necessity to make your space stylish and comfortable. Peps Dream Decor’s Pillows come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and patterns to complement any decor. These pillows will add texture and coziness to your bedroom. While placing pillows, keep in mind the symmetry, also a balanced design and thoughtful arrangement should be of utmost importance. Pillows arranged haphazardly or balanced will add interest and beauty to the entire room.

Bedroom styling is all about adding layers of comfort to your bed. Picking the best pillows is vital for styling a bed. While placing the pillows on the bed, put the large pillows at the back. You can also use a combination of #functionalpillows and #decorativepillows to give a new style to your bed. There are various ways to arrange pillows on the bed depending upon your bed size.

  • Pillow arrangement for King size bed

Since a king-size bed offers ample space, you can arrange different pillows on it. You can use different pillows; King Pillows, Euro Pillows, accent pillows, standard pillows, and bolster. Mix and match these pillows and create a new arrangement every time for a unique style.

  • Pillow arrangement for Queen Size Bed

For styling a queen size bed, you need at least 6 pillows. Place 2 euro pillows against the headboard and the rest 4 standard pillows in front of them.

  • Pillow arrangement for Twin bed

Styling a twin bed is very easy, you only need a simple pillow arrangement. Put together 1 standard pillow with a euro or accent pillow. The formed design will add a different look with the right amount of comfort and style. 

While styling a bed, you should always keep in mind that it should look inviting and offers a comfortable night’s sleep. The ideal number of pillows to be placed on a bed is not fixed, you can put as many pillows you want that make you feel comfortable.


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